MacBook LCD Screen Repair – Pros and Cons

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MacBook LCD Screen Repair
(Last Updated On: October 1, 2013)

MacBook LCD Screen Repair

To repair or not to repair? That is the question a lot of MacBook owners will ask themselves if their computer stops working. Today much of our technology seems disposable, and we tend to buy things like smartphones or laptops about every other year or so. But the appearance of disposability and the reality of the longevity of your equipment may differ – it all depends on the laptop or the particular problem. This is especially true for problems with your screen; MacBook LCD repair issues are easily taken care of, provided you’ve isolated the problem as such. If you only need for your MacBook LCD screen repair, you can figure it out by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is it a problem with your hardware, or is it merely a software problem?
  • Is the information on the hard drive of your computer vital for your business/personal life? That is, are there irreplaceable data on your laptop?
  • Is there evidence of hardware deterioration?
  • Are you aware of any recent damage? (e.g. laptop water damage, broken laptop screen, keyboard damage, LCD screen display damage, etc.)

Often, it is more cost-effective to repair than to replace, especially if the data are irreplaceable and, to you, priceless. And sometimes some of the problems that may seem the most expensive are actually among the cheapest and easiest things to fix, such as LCD damage. Compare the prices of a MacBook LCD screen repair with the latest price of a MacBook, and you’ll get the idea; now add the cost of data retrieval, and you’re really talking a lot of unnecessary spending.

MacBook LCD screen repair is much simpler than most people think, and it certainly does not mean the death of your laptop. It’s an easy procedure that maintains the CPU (the “brain” of your computer) and the other essential parts. But how easy is easy?

MacBook LCD Screen Repair

MacBook LCD Screen Repair: DIY vs. Professional


Once you’ve determined that you’d rather replace your LCD screen than purchase a new MacBook, now comes the next question – should you send it to a professional, or do it yourself? One thing we can definitely recommend is that you at least let a professional look at it first – most reputable repair shops will give you a free diagnostic check (shameless plug – we also give free diagnostic checks via shipping).


Once you’ve made certain of the problem, the correct answer really depends on the type of person you are. If you have experience with computer hardware, this may be an option, but it is a lengthy process, and not terribly cheaper than, say, taking it to an iFixYouri. For example, if you order your parts from eTech Parts, a good supply store, a MacBook LCD display screen will run you between $129.99 and $259.99, depending on your type of MacBook, not to mention the added time it will take you to repair it. From there you can find instructional videos on YouTube on how to properly replace your screen.

If none of this appeals to you, you may just want to take it to a pro. We recommend ourselves! We’re highly experienced with MacBook LCD repair, and if you don’t live near one of our locations, you can ship us your MacBook for both a free diagnostic test and subsequent repair, all of which takes about 24-48 hours. Contact us for MacBook LCD screen repair here!