Is the iPhone 3G Compatible With the 3Gs’s Screen Replacement?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

iphone-3gs-screen-replacement-ifixyouriiPhone 3Gs screen replacement can be a concern for individuals who own this version of the popular smartphone. The 3Gs is the second release of the earlier iPhone 3G, and it came with some significant improvements to the device. As a result, the 3G and 3Gs screens are not compatible in terms of the connector on the logic board.

However, A cracked iPhone screen is not a cause for despair or a reason to buy a new smartphone. Third-party replacement screens are available for this version of the iPhone, and skilled technicians can fix it properly.

Causes for iPhone 3Gs Screen Replacement

The glass on this smartphone’s touch screen in relatively durable, although it is not indestructible. Dropping an iPhone too often, stepping on it, or accidentally hitting it with a heavy object will crack or shatter the screen in many instances. A broken screen is unresponsive to tapping or swiping, so the phone will not be functional until the owner has the touchscreen replaced.

Specific Repair Required for the iPhone 3Gs Model

The iPhone 3Gs is the same size as the 3G, so they look identical. The main difference is the digitizer connector that plugs into the logic board.

Also, with the iPhone 3Gs original design, the glass is not attached to the LCD the same way as later versions of this particular smartphone. This type of manufacturing can facilitate repair, but it can also increase the chances of the glass breaking or shattering. When iPhone owners consult a repair technician, they often need to have the LCD examined to ensure it has not sustained damage along with the cracked glass.

Repair with High Quality Parts

A high quality and knowledgeable smartphone repair service will use replacement parts that are high quality. Replacing a broken iPhone screen with one that is good quality carries a very high rate of success. One of these replacement screens normally works just as well as the original part.

iPhone 3Gs screen replacement costs and repair are available at many brick and mortar electronics storefronts, but one of the most convenient methods is to send it to technicians through a mail-in repair option, like the one offered by iFixYouri. Individuals with broken iPhone screens can ship their broken phone for repair and receive it back fairly quickly.

Repair Warranties Regarding 3Gs Screen Replacement

3Gs screen replacement is one of the most frequent iPhone repair needs. As a result, your damaged phone will be in good hands with technicians with screen repair experience. Often, warranties or other types of contracts that guarantee free additional repair if a replaced touch screen does not function correctly will be included.