Is Radiation Exposure Linked to Cell Phone Use?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

radiation-cell-phoneOne of the concerns of cell phone users is whether they are exposed to unhealthy amounts of radiation when using cell phones.

A number of countries have started looking at the dangers linked with cellphone radiation and have started setting standards for the usage of the phones. Some countries ban the use of these phones in public places like trains.

Some medical experts believe that radiation from cell phones is more dangerous than cigarette smoke, because of the wider use of these appliances; however, there is not scientific consensus about how much danger a cell phone can actually cause.  The amount of cell phone use could be a factor, as well as using a physically-damaged cell phone that needs repair.

The Dangers Involved

The operation of cell phones involves using electromagnetic radiation from the microwave region in this spectrum. This radiation is absorbed by the human body and thus users of cell phones are constantly exposed to such radiation. The amount of radiation that is emitted by a cellphone will depend on its model. Such radiation is measured as a Specific Absorption Rate, and safe levels are those below 1.6. W/kg of body weight.

Such radiation is also emitted by cellular towers that dot most city landscapes and are also found all over the country. It is said that such radiation has the possibility of being carcinogenic.

Factors Affecting Risk

  • Radiation from cellphones can vary depending on where the antenna is placed. Handsets that have these antennas very close to the ear piece are more damaging. It is best to use air tube headsets in order to reduce the radiation.
  • Phones should be switched off when not in use.
  • It is best to limit the use of cellphones by children, as they are more vulnerable to such radiation.

When you are overexposed to this form of electromagnetic field radiation, you will notice tingling and burning sensations in the head, hands and face, and probably some pain. You may feel very tired, be subject to fits of absentmindedness and find it difficult to sleep. While yet not really proved, scientists feel such radiation can cause cancers, tumors and tissue damage.


There are a number of ways that can help to protect a person from radiation caused by cellphones or cellular towers.

It is possible to protect a home completely from outside electromagnetic radiation with the use of specific ‘net’-like devices. There are also accessories that can change the position of the antenna so that radiation is kept away from the head. It is not possible to block all radiation that emanates from a cellphone, as this will prevent it from working.

There are certain proprietary products available that will prevent the radiation getting through to sensitive parts of the body. These protection devices are attached to the ear piece and prevent most of the radiation, over 90 percent, from entering the head. The percentage of blocking can also depend on the model of the phone. There are also radiation free headsets available that can block all radiation.