iPhone Water Damage – Let the easter sales begin!

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(Last Updated On: April 21, 2011)

In honor of Easter and egg hunting, we’re going to run a little iphone water damage repair special. You may ask, “your prices are already so awesome, how could they get any more awesome?” Well here’s how they can get more awesome…

Normally the iPhone 4 runs $39.99 for the ultrasonic cleaning and diagnostic, we’re chop that in half for the next week to $19.99. Yes. You read that correctly. $19.99

iPhone 4 water damge repair

Grab your wet phone, stick that sucker in a bag of rice, and send it in today!

“But I have an iPhone 3G? Isn’t that normally $29.99? Where’s my special?”

Don’t you worry, we’re dropping that to $19.99 too!

iPhone 3Gs water damage repair

iPhone 3G water damage repair

So sit back, drop your phone in water, and let us do the hard work. We are the water damage repair experts, and will be happy to bring that phone back to life for you.

Sale ends Wednesday, April 20th! Jump on it fast!

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