iPhone vs. Man: Unbelievable iPhone Destruction Videos

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Perhaps you’re buying a new iPhone.  Or perhaps your iPhone just stopped working.  Or perhaps you were just trying to access your favorite app, and the device wouldn’t open it, again, and when you try open Safari to see what the problem is, the browser just won’t load, you just can’t take it anymore

So you decide to destroy your iPhone.

The rash solution is to throw it against a wall in frustration.  Or drop it from your 15th storey apartment.  Or smash it with a hammer.  But there are as many ways to wreak havoc on your iPhone as there are reasons for doing it.  Let’s explore some methods, so you can decide how you’ll end the life of your (once) prized possession!

Quick Household Methods to Destroy Your iPhone

When you just need to get the job done.

iPhone vs. Truck

iPhone vs. Blender

iPhone vs. Boiling Water

iPhone vs. Drill

Creative Methods to Render Your iPhone Irreparable

Imaginative solutions to destroy an imaginative device.

iPhone vs. Giant Magnifying Glass

iPhone vs. Microwave Robot

Hi Tech Punishiment for an iPhone Behaving Badly

When you’ve got toys that are more powerful than the iPhone itself, why not use them against the little weeny device?

iPhone vs. Extreme Heat

iPhone vs. Lasers

Don’t Try This At Home… Unless You’re Mad

Safety first.  New phone second.

iPhone vs. Hand Gun

iPhone vs. Angle Grinder

Who Doesn’t Love a Montage?

It Takes a Lickin’…

Testing the durability of a consumer product with entertaining methods isn’t a new phenomenon. Timex, the titan of watch manufacturers, popularized the slogan “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”.  Check out some of the vintage ads where they tested their claims.

While the iPhone does, at times, have the ability to continue functioning after it has been drilled or dropped in water, it is a pretty sensitive electronic device that can fail when it is simply knocked off of a coffee table, or dropped into a toilet.

Unless the phone has been obliterated, most of the common damage sustained by an iPhone can be repaired.  What could be more convenient than sending your damaged device from anywhere in the States to the professional repair team at iFixYouri, who specialize in iPhone repair, and getting your baby shipped back to your hands like new?

Besides, it’s more fun to destroy a working iPhone…