iPhone screen repair – Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Recently we had a customer ┬áinsist on us using his glass that he bought off ebay (said he paid about $15 for it) with our iPhone screen repair services. He wanted us to save our parts and “go ahead, please use this one.”

This glass was cheap. Poor poor quality. Thicker than the high quality parts we use here, weighed a different amount, different feel(to the touch), no oleophobic coating, touch response was lagging, etc.

We decided to go ahead with the repair, with his glass, to teach him a lesson (he was one of our good friends). We put on the glass, using the adhesive that he got with his kit. This adhesive only covered the top and the bottom of the frame. It didn’t give a full seal so dust was bound to get in between the glass and the LCD. When we put it all back together, the home button felt like it was sitting recessed in the glass, the edges were sitting above the bezel, and the touch response was way slow. We put it together as well as our highly trained techs could, but with the cheap glass, it had nothing but FAIL written all over it.

To top it off, when you pressed a certain part of the screen, it’d make the LCD go white with lines all over it!

Now you’re probably sitting here saying, wtf, why would you leave your buddy hanging with knock off glass, making the repair kind of shoddy? Well we didn’t.

After showing him exactly why in the DIY world, spending a couple extra bucks on proper iphone parts would save you a pain and agony, we went ahead and re-did the glass with our high quality parts. Once the iphone screen repair was complete, it made a world of difference. It looked, felt, and functioned, as if it had just come from the factory.

Some things to look for in an iPhone 3G/3Gs glass repair:

  • Glass sits level with the home button
  • Glass sits level with the bezel
  • Full frame adhesive should always be used to prevent dust between the glass and LCD
  • Proximity sensors should not be easily visible(with cheap glass, you’ll see 3 purple circles in the top left)
  • No dust/finger prints should be on the underside of the glass
  • iPhone 3Gs glass should have the oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints.

Some things to look for in an iPhone 4 Glass repair

  • Glass and LCD should be bonded together
  • Home button should be flush
  • Metal grate in the earpiece should be present
  • Outside frame should be smooth, not looking like someone scraped it w/ a razor blade(yes, we’ve seen that)
  • Flush against the metal frame

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to get a nice, quality iphone repair. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@ifixyouri.com or call us at 888-494-4349.