iPhone Screen Repair Additions!

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

Our iPhone screen repair and replacement services have been good to us. One problem we have though is people often times don’t know what exactly is wrong with their iPhone screens. There is no standard answer because the screen repair service needed depends on what model you own, which as of now is the 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4.  We have added a section specifically for  iPhone screen repair  to help alleviate confusion. Here is the breakdown:

We use high quality replacement part for our iPhone 3G screen repair services. As the newly minted addage goes, “just because you break your iPhone 3G screen, it does not mean you have damaged the LCD.” In the world of ‘addages’ that one lacks luster but it’s true and can be a big money saver when looking at a repair. If the glass is cracked or shattered but the LCD works, thank your replacement options just got much cheaper.

The same holds true for iPhone 3Gs screen repair in that the LCD and glass are not glued together. High quality iPhone parts are again used and if it is just glass damage, the repair can be done in 15 minutes.  Something to think about if you think you can handle repairs, we have DIY kits to help every step of the way.

Finally, iPhone 4 screen repair is a bit more difficult and more expensive overall. This is because the screen and the LCD display are glued together. When you have to buy the screen and LCD the cost rises. The process of DIY repair is also more difficult overall but experience and know how may dictate different views on that.

No matter what type of iPhone repair service you need, we can likely cover it. Our percentages in regards to successful repairs is over 90% and the is especially true with screen repairs. Let us know your problem and we will provide a solution.