iPhone Anonymity App: Burner Allows You To Go Incognito

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)


Burner, one of iPhone’s newest apps, allows users to become completely digitally anonymous. This app lets you create disposable numbers for placing and receiving calls, making sure that all the numbers used on your phone are anonymous and temporary. These “burnable” numbers can be used to place incognito calls as well as to send anonymous text messages.

How It Works


Burner creates a temporary number that is anonymous. That is, you do not have to provide any personal identification to create it. The number can only be used for twenty minutes of air-time or to send sixty text messages. The numbers assigned by this app normally last for about week. After this time, they are auto-deleted.


Users are given the option to ‘burn’ the number before your validity or talk-time expires, which can be beneficial if you are trying to move fast. Burning a number erases all the evidence that the number ever existed. Those who try to call the number are informed that it is now out of service.

How Do I Get The App?

Like many superior apps, Burner does not come free. To download it, you have to purchase it from the online App Store for $2. Burner comes with one initial alias number that you can use to get yourself started. The cost of the app excludes the cost of additional alias numbers, which can be purchased after you buy sufficient credits.

Why Is Anonymity Important?

Anonymity is getting harder and harder to get as the internet and social media become more prevalent. It is not necessarily restricted only to people who wish to engage in illicit activities, as many of us wish to conceal our identity for exemplary causes, or simply for privacy to ensure our private information is not sold. Protecting your sense of privacy in the 21st is something that most current iPhone users are concerned with.

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