iPhone 6 Rumors – Too Soon?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Yes, the iPhone 5 has only been out for a short period of time. Does that mean that it is too soon to speculate on the next version of the iPhone? It might be, but it is far more fun to try to figure out what is coming next. While it is likely that the next version of the phone will be a slight upgrade (a 5S rather than a 6), it is always interesting to try to figure out what Apple will come up with next.

If you are willing to consider the possibilities, you might just find yourself more excited about the next model than the phone that just hit the market.

iPhone 6 with a Metal Body

Oddly enough, many of the current iPhone 6 rumors are more concerned with how the phone is made than the bells and whistles. One of the more exciting rumors is that the body of the phone might become a little more robust.

New products on the market might actually help users to avoid some of those basic chips and scratches that so easily ruin the value of the phone. Of course, the new body will probably bring some new repair issues along with any of the benefits.

No Home Button

If there is any sure thing, it is the fact that the home button is soon going to be outdated. It will allow Apple to increase the amount of screen space, will conform to the standard set by newer Android phones, and will fit in well with Apple’s traditional dislike of buttons. This might make repairs a little trickier for those at home, but those with professional experience should not see much of a change in the repair process.

New Headphones

This might not be a real change to the phone per se, but it will make a huge difference for iPhone users. Given the lack of real change in ear buds and the promotion of new items like the “Beats” earphones, it seems likely that Apple will release some sort of new in-ear headphones with the next iPhone. These items will likely not be compatible with older phones, but they might be a real improvement over the current models.

One of the joys of supporting the Apple brand is trying to figure out what will be coming down the pipe in terms of new innovations. While these rumors may not be very substantial, they do seem to point towards what most people want from a new phone. A newer, more robust model that incorporates features that are more modern will be a great choice for any Apple fan.

Since the next iPhone model is not actually on the horizon, you’ll need to keep your current models working until you can upgrade.  While you’re waiting for the next big thing, you can feel comfortable knowing you can get your phone professionally repaired by a reputable repair business like iFixYouri.