iPhone 5 repair services are starting to roll out

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

With the up and coming release of the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, we’ve been preparing to begin offering service in order to fit your needs. From iPhone 5 screen repair, to iPhone 5 water damage repair, trust that we’ll be here to support you and your accidents.

The new iPhone 5 parts are starting to coming out, and as they come out, we’ll be offering the repairs for whatever may be wrong with your device.

Apple is truly amazing at sparking hype and conversation amongst the general population. We’ve noticed that as new products are starting to come out, they do not do any marketing, yet everyone is talking about the newest and latest devices that is “supposedly” coming out.

The economy is tough, the job market is bleak, yet Apple has towered as being at one point, more wealthy that the oil giant Exxon, and having more gas on hand than the US government. Something does not seem right here. You know what it is? It’s people’s addiction to technology, and buying new stuff. No matter how broke and in the hole society may be, there will be those who will buy technology, get the latest gear, break the latest gear, and be in need to get, in this next case, an iPhone 5 repair.

Our guesses are that the newest iPhone 4S/5 will have the following:

-Same screen

-Higher MP Camera, probably 8MP

-A5 processor

-Slight back redesign

It should be faster than the iphone 4, and have a better camera. Kind of like the 3G to 3Gs upgrade. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Have a question about the latest device? Hit us up, we’ll be happy to help.