iPhone 5 Drop Test by iFixYouri.com and 9to5mac.com

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

iPhone 5 Drop Test

We finally got our hands on one! The long awaited iPhone 5. It’s has already been dissected by our friends over at ifixit, but has its durability been tested yet? We decided to put it through the ringer and see just how tough this new design really is! Nothing scientific, just some real world scenarios that to see how this device holds up. Supposedly it has stronger glass and is lighter, so in theory, it shouldhold up better. Let’s have a look for ourselves and find out!

First off, we’ve all done this before, stuck a phone in our pocket with keys and some sharp objects. The iPhone 5 held up remarkably well, with no scratches on the face even after going at it with a razor blade.

Here’s one that most of us have done at some point. We left it on our lap and stood up. Short drop, landed on the ground, with minor damage.

Next, we slide it into our pocket and miss, ouch! That one definitely left a mark.

We are texting and simply fumble it to the ground…check out our video to see what pans out and how the iPhone 5 survived!

This phone is by far the most durable iPhone we have seen. The strengthened new gorilla glass, paired with the light design is definitely beneficial to the iPhone being able to survive your average drop. We’re excited to start providing iphone 5 repair services to all of our loved customers!