iPhone 4 test images

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(Last Updated On: October 30, 2020)

The iPhone 4 tests we’ve performed here at iFix have come under scrutiny from some dark and remote places on the interwebs, and we are here to say, check yo’self.

The tests performed we’re done with Apple iPhone 4 parts direct from the manufacturer. These images were taken after a series of well controlled tests performed by our stylish and intelligent staff. The drops were made from a distance of three and a half feet, or about the height of a six foot person dropping the phone from their pocket, or a drunk chick sliding one off the bar.

Here’s what’s up….

The main thing that is adding confusion is ‘how many drop tests were performed?’

There were two total tests complete.

First round broke on the 3rd drop, on concrete, flat. As stated.

Second test, as requested by readers, was another test to see if it would break on different surfaces(carpet/concrete) if it hit the corner, fumbled, etc. It broke on the 7th, hitting the top left corner, on concrete. The second drop test is not pictured yet.

For the second test…The glass survived all drops onto carpet, and survived six angled drops onto concrete, but when dropped flat down the glass shattered. The seventh angled drop onto concrete broke the glass as well, but your local retired NFL lineman can tell you all about cumulative damage.

The following pictures(of the glass from the first drop test) ought to silence some of the doubters. You will see that these are high quality parts, note the laser etching on the digitizer cable, and front camera hole in the test glass. We’re too legit, you must acquit.  More images to come.