iPhone 4 Glass proving to not hold up as much as expected

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

The iPhone 4 has Front glass, and now back glass. It looks beautiful, but looks can be deceiving. It does not matter if there is a cracked screen. In that case, the iPhone 4 can be likened to a reflection of a supermodel on a broken mirror. Parts of her legs look good, yes, but its tough to know how good looking she is when the mirror is shattered.

We began receiving iPhone 4 repair calls the day it was released. A cry on the other side of the phone followed by a faint sniffle, “I just got out of the car with my phone on my lap and dropped it 1.5 ft to the ground! What do I do????”

“First off, take a deep breath, it’s only a phone and we’re here to help.”

As wild as this may sound, this is a daily occurrence, minus the crying part. Only one person we’ve had call us was actually crying 😉 and she okay’d us in using her story for our blog. As we spoke about in earlier blog posts when we drop tested iPhone parts prior to the iPhone 4’s official release, and again when we drop tested an iPhone 4 when we had the official release from Apple, the glass, being stronger, still is prone to breaking.

The new iPhone design is definitely revolutionary, and we agree with Apple, they did change everything, again. New glass, new camera, new everything, yet still the same problems. As with any high tech piece of technology, there are its’ growing pains, and pains that linger. Broken iPhone Glass and cracked screens are daily problems that we help alleviate. Now with twice as much glass, covering twice as much phone, this is a problem that we’re ready, willing, and able to tackle.

We stood behind Apple since before the days of the iPhone 2G, tackled the iPhone 3G repair and iPhone 3Gs repair, and now we’re up to bat with the iPhone 4.

Regardless of the material used on the front and back of the phone, it is a thing of beauty. No other small personal electronic on the market can come close to having the same feel, function, fit, or form like the iPhone does.