iPhone 4 Back Glass Repair Video

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Today we dropped an iPhone 4 on its back glass to show everyone how we repair them. In the realm of iPhone repair this is becoming increasingly common, as the iPhone 4 back glass can get scratch and shatter. Also worth noting is the fact that we failed to get the back glass shattering on video. Somebody (names are not important) forgot to hit record button when it shattered. What you see is the drop before it broke, so kudos on the iPhone 4 surviving the vicious fall.

It is a bit of a messy process to clean up and you want to be careful, if attempting a DIY fix, not to get glass stuck in your finger. Try to minimize the glass around you and wear protective eye-ware.

Use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive between the glass and the back frame.

Once it is all cleared away make sure all the glue and adhesive is scraped away. If you don’t it will scratch the new glass overall it will not be good. Using the adhesive provided in a DIY repair kit you then reapply the new glass.

Finally, remove the lens from the old back cover and put on the new.

iPhone 4 Back Glass Drop and Repair Video (all the music was recorded live via SKYPE)