iPhone 3Gs Screen LCD Damage Drop Test with Case

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Our test of the iPhone 3Gs showed similar results as the 3G test, as the glass held up but the LCD was damaged after 6 drops even with a protective case.  This helps explain why iPhone 3Gs repair is so popular because even with protection the 3Gs was not a fan of concrete. The glass holds up nicely and that is a good thing. In the world of a DIY iPhone 3Gs fix, LCD repair is a high degree of difficulty. Sometimes a cracked screen of a 3Gs is easier and more cost effective to fix.

We can’t say this test proves a protective case is not worth the investment. It is better if it breaks on the sixth fall as opposed to the third. But this shows that even with precautionary measures taken, your iPhone 3Gs is at risk. Our repair technicians have seen countless numbers of broken 3Gs iPhones and some of them used protective cases so the results come as no great surprise.

Similar Tests

As you see with the blogs posted directly before and after this one, the 3G and iPhone 4 were also put to the test.  The iPhone 3G was dropped 5 times before the LCD was due for a repair. The iPhone 4 screen bumper test resulted in shattered glass. This shows that no matter what model iPhone you bought, it is best that you handle with care.

What do you thing of our iPhone 3G screen test. Does it make you want to buy a protective case?

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