iPhone 3G/3Gs Screen Repair and Replacement Parts

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

If you’re unsure of what iPhone screen repair you’re in need of, don’t feel like you’re the only one. It is easy to lump iPhone 3G  and 3Gs together because as the name suggests, the 3Gs is an upgrade from its predecessor, not deserving of a more unique title.  This helps the overall process of fixing these phones similar in many ways, although before any repair do your research so you know what your are getting into. Basically, don’t read about how to fix a 3G if you own a 3Gs.  One way in which these phones have something in common is screen repair. While the parts are not the same necessarily, the process in which one performs a DIY repair is very similar.

One main nuance is the fact that the the glass screen and LCD digitizer display are not glued together. In the iPhone 3G repair world this is a big difference to the original model and the new iPhone 4 that is stuck together to avoid dust in the display.

As our much overlooked 3G and 3Gs tests showed, even with protective covers the iPhone can be in danger of LCD display issues even when the glass does not shatter or get cracked. Sometimes the iPhone 3G screen is cracked but the LCD behind it is fine. Screen display issues varies in price depending on the exact need, which often times comes down to if the glass and/or LCD is broken.

An iPhone 3Gs repair is much the same story, as broken glass can be an easier type of DIY repair but LCD damage can be much more difficult. Overall, fixing a 3G iPhone will cost a little more than the 3G.

DIY iPhone replacement parts are also becoming increasingly popular. Our services offer a great way for you to find out how to fix something yourself. Sometimes people think they can fix something but after speaking with us are thankful we saved them from disaster. Give us a call and we will find the right iPhone repair solution for you. If you know what you want, rest assured that when ordering, you will be receiving your products and services from the growing leader in Apple iPhone repair services.