iPhone 3G Screen Damage Drop Test with Case

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

We decided to drop the iPhone 3G to test the damage to the glass screen and LCD, which our common causes for repair even with protective cases like we use here. An iPhone 3G repair is one of our most common fixes, LCD screen replacement services just about topping the list.

As you see in the video below, it took 5 drops to insure that the LCD was dead. Things were not looking to good early and after the 4th drop LCD failure seemed inevitable. The glass did not shatter, surprisingly enough. The case probably absorbed the impact when hitting the ground. If it weren’t for the case, this drop would have almost been a glass and LCD repair.

When looking at DIY repair for the iPhone 3G, the LCD display can be difficult to those unfamiliar with fixes of this nature. As this test demonstrates, just because the screen does not break does not mean there is not LCD damage, and vice versa.

Comparative Tests

In addition to this iPhone 3G drop test, we performed an iPhone 3Gs break test with a protective cover and it produced similar results (6 drops LCD damage). Our iPhone 4 bumper drop test resulted in broken glass and with the i4 this means the LCD will need replaced as well. The new design glues the LCD and glass together.

How do you think the iPhone 3G performs with a protective case?

Our iPhone repair technicians are trained to help both repair broken iPhones and help those looking for DIY repair solutions. Let us know if you have any questions, as it is our goal to provide customers with the best decisions possible.  Often times we get calls from customers who have ordered a wrong iPhone parts or made a broken iPhone worse.  Don’t let it happen to you and call now!