iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)

iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal can be completed yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. It just takes a little care and following the steps detailed in this guide. If you have trouble, you can visit iFixYouri for professional iPad Repair services.

Before we begin, there are some tips to keep in mind to keep the repair going smoothly. The heat pad is required to loosen the adhesive. Take your time getting the spudger in and you can complete the removal pretty easily. Keep your screws organized.

The real challenge is removing the digitizer clip and flex. You have to angle your spudger in, along with the lines of the edge of the iPad, so you don’t damage the connector. Use the spudger, not your fingernails.


Tools Required

iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal Instructions

  1. Loosen adhesive with the heating pad (10min @ 75°C)
  2. Pry with metal spudger slowly and gently.
  3. Lift glass from bottom to avoid damage to the flex cable.
  4. Unscrew screen from the body with a Phillips head screwdriver. Keep your screws organized.
  5. Be extremely careful while removing the screen. Go gently around all the edges to loosen the LCD.
  6. Unscrew metal shield with your Phillips head screwdriver. Keep your screws organized.
  7. IMPORTANT: Disconnect the battery.
  8. Disconnect the LCD Flex.
  9. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. Separate the backside of the digitizer flex from the housing.
  10. Then, USING A PLASTIC SPUDGER, remove the digitizer clip evenly from the logic board.
  11. If the end of the flex cable is still attached, align your spudger with the side of the iPad and disconnect it.


Did you make it? Congratulations. If pulling off this repair was troublesome for you, please contact a professional iPad repair shop for help.

iPad Mini 1st Gen Glass Removal video screen shot