iPad 2 Specs – Real or fake?

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

So when’s it going to hit? The launch of the Verizon iPhone CDMA is right around the corner. Sprint is announcing something fishy on Feb 7th, and that leaves people clawing and clamoring at the bits to see what ELSE Apple has in store. Unfortunately Steve took a medical leave, so we’re going to be left with hearing COO Cook do the presentation.

I deal with suppliers on a daily/nightly basis. We use the top, most reliable ones in the industry, and from what they say, it’s still all speculation. Parts that are starting to roll out, we’ll see how legit and accurate they are. Time will tell, that’s for sure. As we saw with a drop test, well, the parts we tested, definitely matched the strength of the actual phone that we did a drop test with.

.3 MP Front Camera

5 MP Rear Facing Camera

1920×1280 Resolution(uhhhhh)

White Glass(out goes the credibility). I HOPE we’re wrong, but what it seems like is that right now you can only have a white iphone, if you get a white iPhone conversion done.

9.7 inch screen

As soon as the iPad 2 parts really hit the market, we’ll know for sure. Dual dock, USB, 1 audio jack, seems on par. Facetime, that seems legit as does the 3 axis gyroscope. We’ll see. Until we have it physically in our hands, it’s really all speculation. We’ll keep you posted. Watch out for shady pics, sketchy chinese supplier sites, and people promising you the world, when the world is still not quite at arms reach. And the world being the elusive ipad 2 and its’ mysterious parts. 🙂