iPad 2 Repair – Will another product start breaking?

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Quick and easy answer is yes. The iPad 2 will need repair services. Now-a-days everything breaks. All these new pieces of technology with giant screens all break. Whether you broke your new gadget and need Samsung Galaxy Tab Repair, an iPhone Repair, or an iPad 2 repair, they will all break. Unfortunately they all utilize glass.

Why glass? Well glass provides the quickest and most accurate touch response, best feel for the user, and functions the best. Plastic has a delay, doesn’t feel quite that good, and lets be honest, can’t compare.

To prevent it breaking, get a good case. Simple answer. Or leave them on the coffee table and never take them with you. Ya right! These things are meant for people on the go. Pick them up, toss them in your bag, take them on a plane, and don’t just sit there with them!

Well, that’s just a bit of food for thought. Happy holidays!

-Chris @ iFixYouri