iPad 2 LCD Screen – This just in!

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

iPad 2 LCD Screen

So we were able to buy an iPad 2 LCD. Great news! It’s a bit thinner, slimmer. As repair nuts, this makes us drool a little bit when we see something like this get added to our iPad 2 repair service.¬† It appears that the LCD will be the same resolution as iPad 1. Glossy screen, seems to be a check as well. Honestly, we were hoping to be blown away, but we’re not…2nd gens of anything always seem to bring on sooooo much hype as they are to blow out of the water something that sold 17 million units in its’ debut! Love it or hate it, the iPad 2 is on its’ way and it’s coming soon. We’re expecting the best, hoping for better, but trying not to get disappointed. Crowds chant, rant, and rave about the almighty retina, but it’s not likely, not in this go around. What’s the deal apple? Can’t you come out with the one device that does everything already? Cameras, bells, whistles, back massager, and cooks you dinner.

The cable connector is slightly different. This makes us think that they’re going the similar route that they did with the iPhone 3G to the 3Gs, where the LCD’s were pretty much the same, but the connectors were different.

With the new Verizon iPhone right around the corner, and the iPad 2 idling sitting in the background for a definite date, which is projected to be around April 2nd-ish.

The LCD is the same size, but 1mm thinner. We’re guessing it’ll be assembly very similarly to the original ipad. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what the glass will reveal in terms of size.

No retina this time around. Our bets are on the landscape docking, front and rear camera, and the rest basically the same, but thinner. Apple never wants a full blown out release. If you’ve followed them in the past, it’s usually one feature at a time. This iPad 2, well, maybe¬† they’ll throw 2 at you this time.