iOS 4 Software Warning: Multi-tasking

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

We are going to break down the features of the iOS 4 operating system and update this page over time as soon as we have more time play with the device ourselves.

The iOS 4 operating system is the talk of the town, riding shotgun next to Apple promotional mouthpiece that is Steve Jobs.

It is a bit of a sleight-of-hand situation for Apple right now, as they are touting multi-tasking, yet those paying attention realize it is limited multi-tasking. The only Apps that work for iOS 4 multi-tasking are Apple’s own Apps, like clock, safari and mail. If you are buy an iPhone expecting multi-tasking for all Apps from the start, you will be disappointed. So until the developer updates your favorite App you may be out of luck. Given the fact that most do it for free or little money, it could take awhile. While our focus is iPhone repair and iPhone parts we are iPhone app addicts like everyone else so we will monitor this closely.

How it Works

When you press the home screen a dock will appear from the bottom of the phone when switching to another app. This interface is similar to the dashboard in the Mac OS X.

Multi-tasking will be limited beyond the developers catching up with technology, as only seven ‘types’ are aloud.

  • Background audio – Allows you to play audio without interruption
  • Voice over IP – Users can receive VoIP calls while using other apps. You can receive calls while phones are locked in pocket.
  • Background Location – Navigates while using other apps in a way that is friendlier with batteries and moving between cell towers.
  • Push notifications – Receive app updates if it’s running or not.
  • Task Finishing – If you leave your app it can still finish task.
  • Fast app Switching – No more reloading app.
  • Local notifications – Alerts users of events and alarms without a server needed.