iFixYouri Talks with Bargaineering.com about iOS 7

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(Last Updated On: October 1, 2013)

Recently one of our techs, J. D. Williams, sat down with Bargaineering.com, discussing the latest operating system update to Apple’s mobile devices, the iOS 7. The article deals with the software updates with respect to the devices that have the ability to use them. The author muses whether, as the title implies: “Is iOS 7 an Evil Plot to Obsolete Your Old iPhone?” J. D. Williams explains:

Apple’s pattern has been to eventually cut older devices off from new updates, largely because their aging hardware can’t handle the demands of the operating system’s new features, says J.D. Williams, a regional manager for the iPhone repair company iFixYouri. That likely means that this is the last operating system upgrade iPhone 4 devices will get.

“I would think that the next operating system, the iPhone 4 will not be upgraded to,” Williams says. “They just push the hardware to its limit. If it can handle it, they do it. If it can’t, it can’t, and I’d say that iPhone 4 is just on the back end of being able to handle iOS 7.”

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