iFixYouri Reviews – Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us…

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Here’s a handful of reviews for our iPhone 4 water damage repair service.

2011-06-24 Balshanker …. Not only did water penetrate my phone, but sunscreen managed to find a way into the phone as well. Honestly, I didn’t think these guys would be able to fix my SEVERELY DAMAGED phone. In a few weeks I got my phone back, and it’s working like new. I’m really impressed, I would definitely recommend these guys.

2011-06-20 Paul …. Had my phone in a shallow vest pocket and I just so happened to pick the toilet to drop into. As I hurried and picked up the phone I accidentally hit the sleep button… the screen lit up for half a second… I’d thought it was gone forever. I’m from Canada and I couldn’t find decent repair places eh until iFixyouri sent my phone back in full working order, THANKS!

2011-06-06 Jenny …. I dropped my phone in… uh, let’s just say I got my iPhone wet. Sent it in, and within a week, I had a working phone again! Sooo happy!

2011-05-10 Lenny …. Ok — I literally sat in a jacuzzi for over an hour with my iphone 4 in my pocket. I pressed all the buttons like an idiot, then stuck it in rice to fix it. had some luck, but the battery was shot. Like a miracle, these guys fixed my phone and replaced the battery for under 90 bucks. Amazing. Lenny from Birmingham, AL

2011-04-09 Colton …. Jumped in the pool over Spring Break. Heard about iFixYouri from a buddy. I did put my phone in a bag of rice after for a few hours, but sent it in that day. They called me a week later and said it was good to go (just needed a new battery). Around $100 to fix my iPhone4 vs. buying a new one for $400+!
Thank you iFixYouri team! I will be recommeing your service to all my friends and classmates at Indiana University

2011-02-27 Jessica …. Their iPhone 4 water damage repair service worked for me and I dropped my phone in the toilet. Their communication throughout the process of fixing it was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone.

2011-02-11 Michelle …. Great service. Can’t believe they fixed it!

2011-02-06 Todd …. iFixYouri handled everything very professionally. I was very nervous at first about sending out my phone to anyone. I read good things about them and decided to give it a shot. They had my phone fixed and sent back very quickly and did an excellent job at repairing it. Thank you so much!

2011-01-29 Catherine …. Totally amazed. I was out partying one night and spilt my drink all over my phone. It died and would not do anything. I was googling around and found i fix your i. Their iphone 4 water damage repair service seemed reasonable. Apple wanted me to buy a whole new phone since i voided my warranty with crandberry and vodka. I sent it in and the boys over there fixed it. So great. Ill tell everyone i know to use these guys. You guys are my saviors! Works perfect again!

2011-01-03 Dimitri …. I had no idea that you could fix a phone that has been soaked. I swam with my phone in the ocean, and i was abotu to get a new phone, but my buddy sent me this site on facebook. I sent it out and got it back in under 3 days. Just like new. Pretty sick.