iDiagnose – Part 2 – iPhone Battery life is short lived

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

iDiagnose – Part 2 – The dreaded iPhone battery problem

You leave your iPhone to charge all night, you take it to work, and it is dead by noon. Does your battery not last? Does it not run like the energizer bunny and just fade out immediately after you gave it a full charge? Diagnosing a faulty battery can be a real pain.

You’re in luck, well, not for the reason that you have a dead battery, but that iFixYouri can help you figure out what is really going on with your precious iPhone!

Problems with the battery come from:

  1. Poor conditioning of the battery
  2. Using a cheap charger that allows overcharging
  3. Its’ lifespan(usually about 2 years) has run out
  4. Water damage
  5. Cheap battery

Symptoms of a bad iPhone battery:

  1. Will not charge
  2. Barely holds charge
  3. Phone does erratic things like turn off and restart, display some funky lines on the screen.
  4. Says it has a charge, but in all actuality, it does not.
  5. No response from any plug, press of a power button, or anything for that matter. Just a dark, black, empty screen.

DIY Repair Difficulty – 4/10 – Medium

You must take your time when doing an iPhone Battery repair. You’re going to have to take the glass out, disconnect all the cables on the inside, and remove the motherboard just to get to the battery. You’re going to want to take precautions when doing this repair, taking electrostatic-discharge(ESD) into consideration and making sure you are grounded. We have seen cases where ESD has fried boards and rendered iPhones useless.

High quality iPhone Parts should always be used when repairing a broken iPhone. A dead battery holds true to this as well. We sell and use only the longest lasting, extended life batteries that are available on the market.

Turnaround time on iPhone Battery Repair – Same day

With this iPhone repair service, our technicians will fix your battery problem in no time! All deliveries that we get here by 1pm, get fixed and shipped out the same day.  Whether you’re local in Palm Beach County, or a distant customer in Alaska, iFixYouri can fix this problem for you quickly.