I dropped my iphone in…

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

So you’ve dropped your iphone in the toilet, perhaps a cup of coffee, or maybe some soda?

You’re unsure of what to pick for your repair. Well, our iphone water damage repair service actually covers all of those. Whether it’s a syrupy concoction of vodka and cranberry or a hot cup of black coffee, they all really fall into the same category.

What happens when you drop your phone in any type of liquid is that all the components get covered in that substance. When an outside liquid is introduced to electronics, it interferes with the logic board ‘passing information’ between components and functioning properly.

Some liquids cause corrosion, some don’t. Salt water is one of the bigger culprits of corrosion, while coke or pepsi tends to just leave a nasty sticky residue around.

The first step in any liquid damage is to disassemble the phone and properly clean the board. In order to do this, we’d recommend sending it in for our water damage repair service. Carrying a 90% success rate, we are the best in the business and it is a service that thousands of customers rely upon per month. Hopefully this will have cleared up a few questions that we had come through. If not, shoot us an email or give us a call, we’ll be happy to clear things up more for you! support@ifixyouri.com or 888-494-4349