How to Repair Your Damaged Phone Case or Smartphone

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(Last Updated On: December 2, 2020)

OtterBox and its sister company LifeProof have definitely made a name for themselves as some of the most reliable and durable phone cases for smartphones. Even though they seem to be the perfect accessory for clumsy owners of fragile phones, they occasionally break, or even worse- your phone breaks. So here’s how to repair your damaged phone case or smartphone.

Luckily, Otter Box and LifeProof have a one-year warranty. This means that if you have purchased a case from an authorized retailer, you are eligible to receive a replacement. To submit a warranty claim you can visit their sites or call 1-855-688-7269/ 1-888-533-0735.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said in the case that your phone was also damaged. Otter Box’s or LifeProof’s warranty does not take responsibility for your device. 

Phone carriers typically sell Accidental Damage warranties when you first purchase your phone. But if you chose not to purchase the warranty, you are not out of luck. 

Repair companies such as iFixYouri will fix your device for a reasonable price and will run a diagnostic service for free. 

Repair Services for your smartphone:

  • Glass repair 
  • Glass and LCD repair 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Water damage repair 
  • Vibrate switch repair 
  • Ear speaker repair 
  • Volume button repair 
  • Rear camera repair 
  • Power button repair 
  • Microphone repair 
  • Loudspeaker repair 
  • Front camera repair 
  • Charging port repair 
  • Backglass repair 

Not only does iFixYouri offer affordable prices and save you time from repairing the device yourself, but it also offers a warranty to an extent. 

With glass repairs, a one-year parts and labor warranty is included, which means that if you have any issues regarding your repair within one year, iFixYouri will take of it free of charge. This warranty does not cover accidental damage. 

If your high-quality phone case has failed you and you need to know how to repair your damaged phone case or smartphone, there are several solutions to ensure that they remain in the best condition possible.