Tech Prepper: How To Properly Prepare Your Phone For The Worst Scenarios

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(Last Updated On: February 8, 2021)

NOTE:This post is part of iFixYouri’s Tech Prepper series. This series covers how to prepare yourself and your digital devices for any of the worst case scenarios they may face: viruses, malware, theft, or loss.

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People prepare for the unexpected all the time: They stockpile water and food for natural disasters, save extra funds for a rainy day, and have a list of emergency contacts in their phone. But people should also prepare their phones specifically for damage, loss, or theft. Here is how to properly prepare your phone for the worst scenarios. 

Prepare Your Phone Before it is Damaged 

A shattered screen can easily ruin someone’s day. To save yourself from this disappointment, you need to make sure that you are using high-quality protective accessories

For clumsy people, it is nearly impossible to maintain a phone without a durable phone case like Otter Box or LAUT.

The next best accessory to prep your phone for damage is a screen protector, which can be found at almost any big box store. 

It is also a good idea to invest in a protection plan. You are often offered a phone warranty or insurance plan when buying a new phone. Even though you may not want to pay the initial price, the protection is worth it.

While a warranty covers defects and damages caused by the phone manufacturer, an insurance plan covers damage, loss, and theft. 

Just keep in mind that you cannot purchase coverage after the damage is done.

If your phone breaks but does not have the proper coverage, you are not completely out of luck. Tech repair company iFixYouri will assist you with any of your repair needs for an affordable price.

Prepare Your Phone Before it is Lost or Stolen 

Breaking your phone is a bummer, but suddenly losing it or having it stolen is worse.

Thankfully, there is a series of things you can do to prepare your phone in the event it is ever stolen or lost.

The first thing you should do is download the mobile app that your carrier’s protection plan provides or set up the phone-finding features in your settings. 

With one of these apps set in place, you can track your phone’s location if it is ever misplaced or stolen. 

For iPhone: Settings > iCloud > Find My Phone 

For Android: Settings > Security > Android Device Manager 

One of the most obvious but important things for you to do to prepare your phone if ever stolen is set strong passwords. 

Most smartphones give you the option to set passwords, activate Touch ID, use face recognition, or all of the above. Using your phone without a password is like leaving the door of your house unlocked when you are not home. 

You can also set passwords for specific apps that hold important information, such as important notes and banking information. 

To prepare your phone in case it is stolen or lost, you should also know about the phone you own. You should know your phone’s number and IMEI to be able to identify your device if ever necessary. You can locate this information in your settings. 

In the case that you never see your phone again, you need to make sure that you are always backing up your phone’s information. You can either do this through the cloud or physically upload information to your computer. 

In Conclusion

Properly preparing your phone for an unfortunate event comes down to common sense and balance. Keep your phone close to you in large crowds and set boundaries with the outside world. There also needs to be a balance between not necessarily being glued to your phone but always keeping an eye on it.

How To Properly  Prepare Your Phone For The Worst Scenarios By iFixYouri.

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