How to Pack and Ship an iPhone or iPad for Repair

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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

iPhones and iPads have become necessary items and many people cannot live without them. When you accidentally damage your device(s), shipping it to a professional repair store like iFixYouri should be your top priority. You’ll need to know how to carefully pack and ship the device(s) to avoid any further damage during its travel. iPhones and iPads cost big money. Their numerous, delicate small parts can chip, crack or break quite easily.

Packing and Shipping Your Device(s)

Always pack and ship your phone so that even the most careless handling won’t ruin it. First, get a cardboard shipping box and packing materials. Bubble wrap probably works best, along with newspaper or other unwanted large sheets of paper. Remember to use packing tape and finish it all off with a shipping label.

The cardboard shipping box you use should comfortably accommodate your device(s). The box should comfortably support at least an inch of packing material on all sides. Fill the first half of the box with the paper. Don’t keep it neat. Crumple the newspaper.

Wrapping the Package

Next, wrap your phone with several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure the phone is against the bubble side of the bubble wrap. Fold in the edges of the bubble wrap to protect the screen and casing from impacts. Then, lay the phone in the middle of the box and fill the rest of the box with crumpled newspaper.

Make sure the bubble wrap and crumpled newspaper form a dense layer between the edge of the box and the phone. You want the device(s) to fit snugly inside the box. If it’s loose, it will slide around and become damaged during shipping.

Testing Whether the Device is Firmly in the Box

To test it, shake the box gently at first. Then, once you find that your device(s) stays completely immobile, shake it more violently. If it still stays immobile within the packing, it is good to go. Tape the top and the bottom of the box shut even if the bottom of the box is glued shut already. Then attach your shipping label.

Paperwork and Insurance

One very important part to keep in mind when you want to pack and ship your device(s) is the paperwork, which is generated as a result of sending it. This means all documentation on the package should be duplicated and kept. Any receipts must be kept including the receipts for the device(s) itself, for the shipping costs, and the tracking numbers.

Please put insurance on the package as well. If for any reason the phone is damaged then you can recoup your losses. Keep the insurance number. Without that, you won’t be able to make a claim if the package goes missing or is damaged.