How to Increase iPhone Processor Speed

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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Your smartphone has certain benchmarks for processing that can be overcome, increasing the processing power of your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. By overclocking the internal processor, it is possible to boost the circuit boards and increase performance. This overclocking, however, greatly reduces the battery life of the iPhone and will rapidly drain it, even for programs that draw relatively little energy. The key to increasing iPhone processor speed lies in overclocking the processor through jailbreaking.

Benefits of Increasing iPhone Processor Speed

When you increase the processing speed of a phone, there are many benefits. Your apps take less time to power up and down, you can get better access to streaming internet content, and your wait times for pages to load is significantly reduced. One of the major criticisms of some iPhones is the amount of time they take to load content.

Secret to Increasing iPhone Processor Speed

Apple iPhones are “underclocked,” running at about half the capacity of their processor power. An iPhone 6S, for instance, can run at 1.4 megahertz but is set to run at only half that. Thus, overclocking the phone will boost processing speed by 50%, but will also drain the battery 50% faster. These safeguards put on the phone also prevent it from overheating. When you overclock an iPhone, it may heat up past the point of damage to the circuitry.

Jailbroken Phone Necessary for Increasing Processor Speed

An overclocked iPhone needs to be jailbroken, removing the limitations that Apple puts on their products. A jailbroken phone automatically violates Apple’s warranty process, meaning that overclocking your phone will make it impossible to get it fixed by Apple’s product services. It is best to jailbreak an iPhone once the warranty has expired or else you risk losing the phone in the event of damage. Using a cooling pad minimizes the damage that overclocking could present.

Overclocking 101

There are a number of protocols that you can download from the internet to overclock your phone. File-sharing sites and torrent distributors have the files needed to install overclocking software on your processor. It will be necessary to download and rename the file, however, since the device will automatically block any files do not have Apple configurations. Install it on your phone and reboot the processor. Your iPhone will utilize the program to run on a new processor configuration.

Overclocking Can Damage iPhone

In addition to boosting processor speed and heating up the phone, overclocking will reduce the lifespan of your phone’s computer processing unit. The best way to maximize CPU life and minimize heat is to close the apps you are not currently using and to check the temperature often. Anytime you jailbreak or overclock a phone, you do so at your own risk. Increasing the processor speed on a brand-new smartphone is not recommended, especially since some new devices (like the Galaxy Note 7) are subject to recalls and jailbroken iPhones cannot be recalled or replaced.

While it is possible to increase iPhone processor speed, it can end up causing you more issues with your phone.  Since you’ve voided the warranty by jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll need to get it repaired by a third-party professional company, like iFixYouri.