How To Fix Scratched iPhone Screen

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(Last Updated On: January 11, 2016)
How To Fix Scratched iPhone Screen

Few things in life are more frustrating than purchasing a new touchscreen phone only to have it damaged and rendered difficult to use.  That moment, frozen in time, when your phone slips from your grip and tumbles towards hard cement or wood, while you can only stand and watch, is a sad moment in every phone owner’s life.  Luckily, there are a few ways that allow you to fix a scratched iPhone screen without having to purchase a brand new phone.




Use Your Warranty to Fix Your Scratched iPhone Screen

Since Apple’s warranty program is one of the best in the entire tech business, you should always check to see if you can get your phone taken care of under the protection program.  This is the easiest way to fix it, but not always possible for those with an expired warranty.  Since Apple prides themselves on customer service, however, you may get lucky and take it to a licensed Apple store with a more flexible approach to warranty.  This is no guarantee, but many store owners want their customers to have a positive experience with Apple products.

Buff Out The Scratch

Depending on the degree of the crack or scratch on the iPhone screen, you may be able buff it out in the same manner that you would for a scratch on a car.  To buff out the scratch, you will need:

  • a small drill (the smaller the better)
  • compound to attach to drill head
  • sandpaper

Using Wax to Fix Scratched iPhone Screen

Many wax products market their ability to take out any damage that can be done, whether it is by gravity or pets or clumsiness.  A coat of Turtle Wax, for instance, will eliminate the scratch but can leave behind a film of wax that makes it difficult to use the screen.  If you use wax, you have to clean meticulously around the scratch so that the wax residue does not complicate use.  You can use a plastic polish to speed up the cleaning if you decide to use wax.


One of the oddest home remedies for cracked screen has proven to be toothpaste.  Anyone who has had a cracked watch face in the past may know about applying toothpaste.  This is because toothpaste (not tooth gel — be sure you have the right type) has abrasive within the mixture designed to wear away at bacteria on your teeth.  This abrasion, when carefully rubbed onto the surface of an iPhone, will smooth out a scratch.  Be sure you only use a small dot (not enough to coat the entire surface) and that you clean the entire surface carefully with a damp rag after you have applied it on.

Professional Help

If your warranty has expired and none of the methods mentioned above have worked, you should consider seeking professional help. That is where we at come in handy. Our specialists have been fixing cracked iPhone screens for years, and you can rest assured that your iPhone will be in good hands.