How To Create an iPhone App That People Will Love

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

iphone-app-ifixyouriThe iPhone app development industry is considerably competitive nowadays, but at the same time it is a very rewarding one. With hundreds of iPhone applications made available every day, it can be quite difficult to build one that grabs the attention of the public and becomes a big success.

Nevertheless, new developers should not be discouraged, as the demand for these apps is also very high. Moreover, the technology existing today and the numerous tools available to iPhone developers make the process of building an app pretty straightforward and fast.

Virtually anyone can design and develop his or her own iPhone app these days, without a lot of difficulties. Here are the most common as well as most necessary steps that have to be made in order to build and market your own application.


The process starts with a brainstorm for ideas, especially if you do not have any ideas yet. The secret for succeeding in such a competitive market is to come up with something truly unique. This, however, involves a lot of thinking, since nobody can come up with something entirely original and practical that has not been implemented before without doing some research on the market needs and putting a lot of thought into it.

Another thing you can do is to take an old application that was once popular, and spend some time on studying its flaws and determining how you could correct them and improve the application. You can also take an app category where you are very knowledgeable and then design an app with several innovative features that most competitors do not have. Finding a narrower niche on the other hand will make the designing and development process run a lot smoother.


When creating an iPhone app, you cannot disregard the competition. You should always do some research on your competition and see how thorough that particular niche is. The higher the competition in that niche, the more difficult it will be for you to successfully market and sell your app.

The ideal method is to find a narrow niche with high demand and low competition, yet this is one of the most difficult things to do. If however you decide not to let the intensity of the competition scare you and choose to dive into a high competitive niche, you will have to come up with a really unique and innovative application, with features that will make it stand out from the rest.

Finding Help

There are numerous tools you can use in order to make your iPhone app look more appealing. Nonetheless, the best ones are usually the most expensive. You can always do some research, read user reviews and ask for recommendations on development forum boards about which of these tools are more recommended for your particular needs and requirements.

Also make sure that you have an iPhone or working iPod touch to test the prototype on – if you own an iPhone or iPod that needs repair for this step, iFixYouri has the expertise and resources to fix your Apple product. Designing the app should not be too difficult once you have all the right tools to work with (assuming, of course, that you have a background in programming, or are eager to learn). To get started, look at Apple’s main hub for iOS developers, and this tutorial site (with marketing tips).



After the development process has been completed, you can go on to the next most important step, which is marketing and selling your iPhone app. A good marketing plan is required in order to get the consumers’ attention, even if your final product already looks good and has lots of useful functionalities.




One of the fastest and yet most efficient ways to market an app is through referrals by customers who are satisfied and impressed with your application. For this, you will need to develop a list of clients that can take some time to test the app and then give some positive reviews, spreading them around the internet. These reviews can be either done in the iPhone app store, or in other various forms of marketing.

You may also want to offer incentives for users who are promoting your application on message boards or by using other online marketing vehicles. Another alternative is to release a free (or heavily discounted) version of the app, at least for a while. The more people start talking about your new released iPhone app, the more profit you will generate.

Different Mediums

One of the biggest mistakes that many iPhone developers make is to limit the marketing of their applications to online mediums and mobile environments only. The truth is that print advertising (newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.) usually sticks a lot longer, mainly because people carry them around, share them with their friends, and generally look at them a few times before throwing the magazines away. Therefore, you might want to expand your marketing approach and get your iPhone marketed in an appropriate printed magazine or publication, according to your budget.

Targeted Market Analysis

Lastly, you should understand that iPhone app marketing is all about following your target audience, going where your potential buyers are and sending them a compelling message. Do not limit your exposure and use any means possible to present your product to iPhone users worldwide. Do a market analysis regularly and then use that data to find new ways of maximizing your sales and allow more and more people to discover your awesome application.