How to Apply a Screen Protector to a Cell Phone

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Cell phone users have employed various methods for applying a screen protector, with some using steam or water, while others are successful with the common method involving a credit card.

Some screen protector tutorials found on the web recommend the steam or water method. Unless the product instructions recommend it, screen protectors and water are a bad combination because tap water contains minerals that can deposit residue between the phone screen and protector, causing the adhesive to deteriorate.

Getting Started

It takes patience to apply a protector without trapping air between it and the screen. Even the tiniest scratch on a screen can cause bubbles to form. The video above demonstrates the process, but here are the details:

First, gather the following supplies:

  1. Any plastic card such as a club, gift or credit card
  2. Cloth made of microfiber
  3. A solution to clean the screen (use the recipe to make your own)
  4. Clear adhesive tape

Prepare a place to work. Use a non-slip mat on the table surface to keep the phone in one place while you are working. Wash your hands with water and soap to remove any dirt, lotion and oils.

Put some LCD cleaner on the cloth and clean the screen thoroughly making sure to remove all the dust. Do not touch the screen with your fingers during this process.

Peel the backing off the protector being careful to touch only the edges. Start at the bottom or top of the phone choosing the end that must be aligned precisely. For the iPhone, this would be where the home button is located. Align the protector carefully, attach it to the screen and use the card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.

Fixing Mistakes

If you have followed these instructions and there are still bubbles, either the screen has a scratch or a speck of dust has adhered to the protector. Take a piece of tape and lift the protector while using another piece of tape to take the dust off the adhesive. Apply the protector using the same method as before.

While the process is tedious, protecting a cell phone screen from scratches or other damage is essential.  If you do end up with any damage, you have the option to repair the device, instead of buying a new one.  Contact professionals like iFixYouri to repair your scratched smartphone screen.