How Long Does MacBook Screen Repair Take?

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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)

MacBooks are great computers that can prove their value by lasting for quite a long time. Accidents happen though, and you may find yourself needing a screen repair. Maybe your LCD is showing lines. The glass might be cracked. If a fall dented the corner, you may have simultaneously damaged the lid housing, the screen, and the LCD all at once. So now you are left wondering: how long does MacBook screen repair take?

iFixYouri has completed thousands of MacBook screen repairs, so we always will shoot straight with you regarding pricing and completion time. Our goal is to keep you happy and complete the repair efficiently. If anything changes about your original repair quote, we will keep you in the loop, getting approval before proceeding.

how much does macbook screen repair cost

How much will it cost?

First things first, let’s talk about what the big decision-making factor is for most people – the price. The price of a MacBook screen repair depends on the model of your laptop. We asked Steven, our veteran MacBook repair technician, to share some specifics of MacBook screen repair cost:

Older models that might only need an LCD replacement can have a repair cost as low as $100. Newer models with Retina displays that need an entire display assembly replacement may reach up to $500.

The quickest way to get a quote for a specific model is to find your MacBook on our website or call our main support at 888-494-4349.

how long does macbook screen repair take

So, how long will it take?

Replacing the display assembly on your MacBook typically takes about 1 – 2 hours. Please note that this is only the time required once the part is in stock and the repair is underway. Repair time can vary depending on part availability and the current repair queue. For this reason, we typically quote customers about 1 to 2 weeks for MacBook screen repairs requiring not-in-stock parts.

Where can I get my MacBook screen repair done?

Schedule an appointment and bring your Mac to an iFixYouri walk-in location today. MacBook repairs and same-day iPhone screen replacement are available at all iFixYouri locations.

Oh wait, do you repair all MacBook models?