How iPod Water Damage Can Dampen Spirits

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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

ipod-water-damage-ifixyouriAfter downloading hundreds of albums and thousands of songs onto their portable MP3 player, iPod users do their best to protect their music player. Sadly, life is fast moving, mistakes are made, and iPod water damage is quite common.

It is not unheard of for someone to be listening to his or her new Avett Brothers album while using the restroom, and so, when they stand to leave, the iPod gets bumped and splashes in the toilet. People panic in a situation like that and immediately assume the worst. However, iPod water damage does not have to signal the end for the well-made MP3 player – iPod repair is also common.

Most Common Causes of iPod Water Damage

Owners of iPods, beware of the most common ways these devices are subjected to water damage:

  1. The iPod is dropped in a pool, toilet, or sink.
  2. While walking outdoors, unexpected rainfall soaks a person and the iPod is not protected.
  3. Someone spills a beverage.

What To Do About Your iPod Water Damage

It’s easy to think that a damaged iPod might just be for the trash, but the owner of a device that has undergone such a calamity has options. You might be able to get the device fixed, depending on:

  • how wet the device gets
  • whether it was totally submersed
  • how long it was saturated
  • the type of liquid

Personal Action Steps for iPod Water Damage:

  • Do not press any buttons.
  • Place the iPod under a bright light, display screen face-up, and let dry for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Fill a bowl with dry, uncooked white rice. Place the iPod in the rice, screen face down, and leave for 2 to 3 days.
  • After 2 to 3 days, remove iPod from rice bowl and plug the device into a charger. The display should light and read, “Do Not Disconnect.”

In the Event that Damage Requires Services:

Most iPod owners have media from multiple sources on the MP3 player. Because it is difficult to retrieve all of those media sources, most owners will gladly send an iPod for professional repair. However, it is best to avoid sending the device to a third party that is not proven.

To Evaluate a Third Party Repair Technician:

  • Do not choose the cheapest service, as these repairmen will likely cut corners.
  • Do not send the device to the highest priced contractors either. The service should reflect a fair cost, never far beyond the total price of a similar and new device.

Since an iPod is a delicate device, owners with a damaged iPod need to find a trustworthy technician to do the work, such as iFixYouri. Wait to buy a new iPod, and do not try online remedies that suggest self-repair requiring the device to be dismantled. A trustworthy repair service is the best option and well worth any iPod owner’s time and money.