How I stopped hating the iOS5 & started to love Siri

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Change isn’t always the best thing. This was very evident to me when I synced up my iPhone 4s with iOS5 and noticed my favorite application “Deadmau5 Mix 2” no longer appeared to work correctly. Being a huge Deadmau5 fan and I would love showing this app off to friends at parties, pretending to be one of the biggest DJs in the industry. Also a good thing to note I am not very good at this.

Moving forward, I constantly found myself checking the app store for the miracle which would be the update and once again start rocking out with my favorite killing time app. This was until I was properly introduced to Siri. When I first received my phone of course I started messing with Siri and thought it was a glorified voice control. Boy was I wrong. Siri is amazing and I now find myself constantly showing off it’s quirky responses to my never ending questions. Has Siri replaced Deadmau5? Probably not but here are3 of my favorite things to do with her:

1)     Talking smack to iPhone 4 users. I first used this when my friend David was talking badly about not appreciating the new updates for the 4s. “Siri text David he has no idea what he is talking about”. Dave immediately checks his phone “he has no idea what he is talking about”. Even he admitted he was a little jealous at this point.

2)     Asking Siri what the meaning of life gives a funny statement which I like to show off. I won’t disclose here so you can see for yourself.  These with the more discussed questions like “where do I hide a body” or “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck”

3)     Setting reminders. I am really bad about remembering the do things outside of work, but now that I find it mildly entertaining the to talk to Siri I find myself way more organized. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.

In conclusion Siri is awesome and is very entertaining. If I have to sacrifice “Deadmau5 Mix 2” for Siri, well that is something I am very happy to do now. Imagine if they would just update the app and then Siri was updated to access apps, Now that would just be Bliss.


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