Siri is Not Working! Help!

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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)

Siri adapts to each individual iPhone and iPad user over time. She has something like a programmed personality. She makes driving safer and finding restaurants in any locale fast and easy. So what happens when your virtual assistant isn’t working?
Siri not working

Siri Background Information

In 2011, when Siri was still a beta product, and users expected plenty of functionality issues, nobody ever thought that Siri would ever stop working. Siri went silent and people started to worry. Many iPhone users also experienced poor battery charge. Their device died in twelve hours after a full charge. Apple fixed the issue, released a repair and now it should work excellently for everyone. However, people still wake up to find Siri not working.

Do-It-Yourself Siri Diagnostic:

At times it is possible to fix the problem yourself. Listed below are some of the ways to check and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Check Internet connectivity
  • Enable location services
  • Ensure Siri is turned on
  • Check audio settings
  • Check security settings

Reasons Why Siri is not Working

It might sound strange, but some of the most common reasons arise from these five issues.

No WiFi

Not everyone realizes that the Internet is needed to operate the virtual assistant. The device sends information to an Apple Server for processing, and without connection, this transaction cannot occur.

Disabled Location Setting

In rare cases, a person may think Siri is not working because they are trying to use her location feature but have it disabled. The quickest diagnostic to test this problem is to ask Siri a simple question such as the built-in humor feature, “Siri, what is the meaning of life?” Her answer is humorous and serves to show if she is functional. If so, turn on the location function and continue.

Disabled Audio Functionality

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone user might also disable incoming our outgoing audio. If this happens, the iPhone will not receive input, or inversely, be able to deliver output.

Security Settings

Even more rarely, a user might deploy the iPhone’s security measures. In certain security settings, the iPhone does not operate on the Internet even when it is available. Most commonly, airplane mode is to be blamed for inaccessible Internet.

Siri Off Mode

It is common that a person has turned Siri into “off” mode. The phone owner merely needs to navigate to general settings and turn Siri on, in their native language. It won’t work in every language but readers here should not have that problem.

If each of these reasons has been checked and you still have no success, contact an iPhone repair service┬álike iFixYouri — the problem might be greater than just losing touch with your virtual assistant.