Happy Birthday Mr. iPhone! You are about to turn five!

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

Thousands upon thousand packed the streets in front of Apple stores and at the time, only AT&T stores to cough up a chunk of change to hold in their hand and own what became a cultural phenomena.  In a quick 3 days, apple sold a million of them.

Critics thought the device was too expensive and wouldn’t sell. They thought it was a cool device, but since the customer was stuck with only AT&T at the time, and also stuck using iTunes software, it was doomed to fail. Out came the App store that helped strengthen the hold on the customer and came to deepen the bond that was iPhone and iPhone user. Over 650,000 apps are available on the Apple App Store. 30 billion downloads have been made. The iPhone had proven itself and in a short time, it won over even the toughest of critics.

Regardless of the lack of open-source, people still loved it. Apple made it so that there was only one way(without jailbreaking), to install apps, transfer data and music, and sort your pictures. The iPhone did what every other device that was coming out on the market was trying to do. It created a loving relationship and a simple way to combine an internet communicator, a camera, an ipod, and a phone all into one.

It is the premier consumer device in modern times, and has created industries single handedly. iFixYouri for example, spawned from a single broken iPhone. It all came from one single iphone repair. Model after model, droves of people line up outside stores during launch time to be the first to own the next greatest device of our times. Images get leaked months prior, people go nuts and rumors spread like wildfire.  In the first quarter of 2012, Apple reported more than 400,000 activations per day. Yes, I said 400,000.  That means their global sales have recently doubled. Absolutely insane.

We feel that the iPhone has a usability that is unmatched. It’s literally so easy to use a 1 year-old knows how to use it. That’s the key. Keep it simple.

The iPhone is not only the world’s most popular smartphone, it makes Apple a ton of cash. Apple sells only 9% of the cellphones out on the market, but accounts for 73% of the industry profits.

The fact that there are over 200 million of these devices on the market now has created a whole other industry. The industry that iFixYouri is in. We fix Apple products, and love fixing iPhones. Just think about that for a second. Apple creates so many devices that sell so well, companies can survive just off of fixing one product, of one company. Pretty amazing, and for this, all of us at iFixYouri say thank you and happy birthday iPhone. On June 29th, 2012, you will be 5 years old.