Google Maps Upgrades for Android

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)


For those frustrated with the new Maps app included with iOS 6, here’s news about the old Google Maps app you were used to using.  Google has an upcoming upgrade on the horizon for its mapping service for its mobile devices.

Public Transportation

The upgrade includes the listing of options for public transportation in approximately 500 cities across the globe. This takes in departure times and suggested routes for in excess of 1 million international stations, which is roughly a 50 percent increase over a year ago. Google will even supply indoor directions as a means of assisting some riders in navigating the system.

To get a competitive edge, only devices that use Google’s Android operating software will have access to this initial offer. Devices from the following models will be able to access this upgrade:

  • The Motorola Mobility Division of Google
  • Sony Corp.
  • HTC Corp.
  • Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple’s Role in the Changes


These changes surface at the same time as Apple Inc. commits to replacing Google Maps’ position as the foremost navigation service on the iPad and the iPhone. Apple created its very own mapping service for its mobile devices, although it has arrived to a chorus of disappointment due to bugs and a lack of features.

The Effect on Google

This snub from Apple signifies a major blow to Google, which is set to lose revenue from mobile advertising as well as valuable insights about the whereabouts of individuals if iPhone and iPad users embrace this mapping service from Apple.

Response from Google Inc.

Google is of the belief that it can remain one step ahead of Apple as it relates to mobile mapping on Google maps by including features like the expanded directions for public transportation.

This may encourage iPhone users to make the switch to Android devices, or perhaps switch back.  If you have an Android device that is no longer working properly, now might be the time to get it fixed (by the iFixYouri team) to take advantage of Google’s new app features.