Get Cash for Your Old Smartphone

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(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

You can now get cash for your old smartphone with iFixYouri’s Device Buy-Back. iFixYouri Smart Device Repair has released a new program! We offer cash for used and broken smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players, such as the iPod. Not only does the buyback program offer cash for your used devices, but it also reduces electronic waste, as many devices are refurbished and the rest have their components recycled or disposed of in a safe, ethical way. A win-win-win for the customers, iFixYouri, and the planet.


How Does Device Buy-Back Work?


The process is straightforward. Visit iFixYouri’s Sell My Device page and choose the make and model of electronic device you’d like to sell. For devices with multiple generations of the same product, such as the different models of Apple iPod, you will need to know which generation you have to get the most accurate buy-back estimate. Generation numbers for Apple products can be determined by the model number usually printed or engraved on the back side of most devices.


After your make and model have been determined and selected, there will be several questions about device details, which may include: phone carrier, storage capacity, engraving (for iPods), and device condition (more on that below).


Once you have selected all the most accurate responses for the device you are trying to sell, our best buy-back estimate will appear and you can click the “Get Paid” button to be sent an email containing a shipping label to send your device to iFixYouri.

get cash for old phones

What Happens After I Send My Device?


After we have received the device, a technician will perform a diagnostic test on it to confirm that the device details match those you’d selected.


NOTE: Your final cashback amount may be less or more than the website buy-back calculator based on the findings of our diagnostic and valuation. Should you decide that you do not want to sell the device after this valuation, you may choose to have the device shipped back to you. In this situation, you will be responsible for shipping costs.


What Condition Is My Device In?


The condition of your device affects how much you will receive for it. Devices in better condition will obviously fetch you more cash. How do we define the different conditions? Most devices fall in one of three conditions:


  1. Mint condition devices appear to be new out of the box and has absolutely no scratches, scuffs or other marks.
  2. Good condition devices power on, are fully functional (all buttons and ports), and have no cracks on the screen or body.
  3. Broken condition devices do not power on, have a cracked screen or body, or are not 100% functional(i.e. broken power button or home button).

These options are to help you decide if you want to let iFixYouri buy your device, and the final price depends on the valuation. For example, if you select Good but our technicians determine the device to be Mint, our offer will be in the Mint price range.

Some devices, such as iPods, only have options for good or broken conditions. For those devices, we offer the same amount for both Mint and Good condition devices, so just choose Good.


How Do I Get Paid for My Used Device?

The process on the website was streamlined to keep it simple. If certain options are not listed for your device, they do not affect the value.


  1. Fill out the details for your device on our Sell My Device page and click the Get Paid button. You will be asked first to create an iFixYouri account if you do not already have one. This account will keep track of your selling and repair history.
  2. Next, you will be asked to provide the email address of your PayPal account. Your device arrives at our warehouse and undergoes inspection. Money will be sent directly to the PayPal account address you provide.
  3. A confirmation screen comes next so you can verify all the details associated with your buyback transaction.
  4. Finally, press Confirm! We email a shipping label and ask that you package only the device in a secure, firm shipping container. Do not send cords, cables, cases or accessories.