Gambling Apps Coming to a Smartphone Near You

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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

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In the near future, people will be gambling on their phones, winning or losing money with a few simple swipes of their finger. Big Fish Games, a company based in Seattle, is releasing a gambling app in the UK, where such actions are legal.

Potential For Big Bucks

It is estimated nearly 50 billion dollars will be gambled on mobile devices by the year 2015. This means companies want to get on the action and are eager to design applications that let consumer do just that.

Chris Chriffin, CEO of Betable, a partner company with Big Fish Games, says this is a huge opportunity for game developers. However, Big Fish is certainly not the only company on the market.

Zynga, the biggest maker of social games, plans to release real money gambling applications before 2013 is over.

Legal Issues

Betting money over the internet is illegal in many states in the US. That certainly will not stop everybody, however, and some states may relax restrictions. California, Nevada, and New Jersey are thinking about making it legal.

App Producers and Apple

Despite the lucrative opportunity, Apple is not getting any money from the sale of gambling apps. Apple would prefer to not worry about being part of a potentially illegal gambling operation.

Thousands of players already play for fake money on their phones. When real money becomes available, many of them will be among the first to buy gambling apps. Paul Thelen, CEO of Big Fish, says the opportunity for profit in the near future may be very large indeed.

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If you do get involved in gambling apps, and in a heated moment, throw your iPhone to the ground, you’ll need to get it fixed so you can win the money back.  There’s always another day.  Or Gamblers Anonymous.