Patriotic iPhone 4 colors hit the USA!

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

Here’s a first, we have actual colored glass, in hand here at iFixYouri. These aren’t just vector images, these are the real deal. They look super clean, and super sharp.

If you’re into customizing your phone, this is the latest. It’s kind of like those light up antennas from the late 90’s that everyone was putting on their nokias. Next, we’re expecting possibly some colored bezels maybe? We’re not quite sure. Maybe bezels w/ LED’s in them. That’d be kinda neat.

The baby blue is accented with white trim and a matching white home button. The red, it’s the same. It’s all coming together in the customization of your iPhone 4! The quality is good and everything functions fine. Here are a few snap shots of the glass installed.

Pretty cool stuff. Turn to iFixYouri for all your iPhone 4 Repair needs.