Droid Repair – Introducing the Motorola Droid X, now with problems from the get go too!

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

The iPhone 4 has definitely had some hick-ups with its’ release. From retina display issues, antenna issues, to the glass breaking right off the bat. iFixYouri has had calls and done repairs on it all with the iPhone 4. People criticize, people hate, and people love. No matter what it is, there will be people on both sides of the fence.

Here comes the Droid X, the iPhone 4’s arch enemy. Apple fanboys hate it. Droidboys love it. All new, ground breaking technology will have its’ glitches. Apple is not excluded from this, and apparently neither is Motorola.

With the Motorola Droid X hitting the market, problems began to arise with the release of the phone, just like the iPhone 4 had. Perhaps it was not on such a grand scale, since the market for the Motorola Droid is not quite the size of the Apple iPhone market(though it is growing). According to TGDaily.com:

A small amount of Droid X owners are reporting that without warning their phone’s screen suddenly began flickering. In some cases, the phone display is rendered completely useless. In all cases that were posted on tech site HowardForums, where the reports began to surface, the device worked properly at first but after several hours or even days, the screen became glitchy.

Motorola was quick to issue a software fix to this problem, but what this does is show that no electronic device, no matter who the company is, is immune to problems. As Google’s Droid platform is introduced to more and more phones(Motorola and HTC), other smartphone manufacturers’ market share will surely grow closer and closer to Apple’s position #3. The more of these smartphones there on the market, the more problems will be noticed.

With each new piece of technology, will come problems. It is near impossible to do the level of in-house testing that 500,000 people can do when a product is released to the general public. The huge scale of phones that Apple cranked out last month definitely did some real world testing and now it was Motorola’s turn to step to the plate.

Apple and Motorola  did not pass with flying colors, but they both will have their days. We forgive both, and feel that as long as the companies providing these products is striving to fix what went wrong, we see it only fair to move on. As with any new release, there will be new problems. Look at car manufacturers. Rule of thumb is to never purchase a new model car the first year they come out. Why? Because they have problems. The fact is, technology, like cars, are made to break. Now-a-days,we are trained to toss and replace, rather than repair and re-use.

Lets move on. Drop antennagate, forgive Motorola. These things will happen and no company or person is perfect. Whether you need iPhone repair, or Droid Repair, your phone can, and will, break. There is no way around this fact, and unfortunately for some, it happens right in the beginning of the technology’s life.