DIY Repairs – Are they Really Cheaper?

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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2021)

DIY Repairs- Are they Really Cheaper? Is your iPhone worth repairing yourself or should you take it to a professional repair shop? 

Today, we will explore the benefits and costs of both options. After you are through with this blog post, it will surely assist you in making a decision between doing a repair yourself and having it professionally done by iFixYouri

It’s common knowledge that DIYs are the most cost-effective option, or it at least appears that way in theory. But have you ever thought about the fact that DIYs cost more of your time and effort than a repair service ever will? DIYs may initially save you some money, but it will cost you in the long run if you end up causing more damage to your device. 

Why Choose an In-Store Repair?

Most people have little experience repairing smart devices, and a timely project without any practice can be a very frustrating process. On average, an iPhone glass repair takes two hours.

Expert technicians at iFixYouri have years of experience repairing smart devices and can efficiently repair a phone screen in under an hour. More tedious repairs such as a back glass repair typically require an entire day, but our expert technicians only take a few hours.

Why Choose a DIY Repair?

If you are not in urgent need of your smartphone and don’t want to pay for it to get fixed, a DIY repair is a perfect opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of your device and get used to doing repairs in the future. 

Just keep in mind that you are responsible for your device and any damages that may be caused by the repair. Make sure to take your time, keep track of what you are doing, and pay attention to every detail. 

In most cases, deciding between a DIY and professional repair is based on cost.  It will be cheaper to purchase a DIY kit or part than to have a business repair it.  This is simply because the labor and service costs are no longer present

But turning to a repair shop like iFixYouri will save you so much more than money. 

If you are experienced in repairing iPhones and have confidence in your ability to fix them, DIY repairs are just fine.  However, for those inexperienced individuals who want assurance that their broken devices will function as if new, professional repairs are recommended.  This will save you money, time, and effort.

DIY Repairs – Are they Really Cheaper? By iFixYouri. 

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