Cracked iPhone – Here’s what to do!

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

So you dropped your beautiful iPhone, and now you have a cracked iphone. The misery. The horror. Oh man…it just sucks. Every time you swipe to unlock, you can feel the granular pieces of glass sticking into your baby soft skin. It’s painful. It hurts, not just your finger, but your heart. It’s comparable to having a child with a broken arm. You know you can fix it, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on fixing it.

Here’s a few things you can do.

1) Grab a paper bag and breathe into it to avoid hyperventilating.

2) Visit your local iFixYouri, or log onto our website and find the repair you need.

3) Select the repair that suits you best. Prices vary. As do quality. We don’t skimp on quality. You have an expensive phone, should you really put a piece of glass on it the will probably break again, just this time easier? No would be the logical answer. You should go with quality. We use only Apple original parts. This will make sure that the fit, function, and feel is exactly how it was from the factory, when you bought it.

Why not just go with someone offering a SUPER cheap price? I see people advertising for $45 glass repair.

You pay for what you get. I always use the analogy, if you owned a nice BMW or Mercedes, would you put retreaded or used tires on it? Chances are, no.

See with cheap screen repair, you get cheap glass. A lot of times the digitizer will be very unresponsive, or overly responsive. The glass will be brittle and super thin. The home button won’t sit flush. And sometimes you can see through the glass where the iphone proximity sensor sits and it looks like 3 purple dots.

Stick with quality, over savings. It’s not worth the hassle that the cheap glass will cause you. We get a lot of customers who come in every day with glass that other iphone repair shops had put sub-par glass on, and well, it was shattered, causing the phone to malfunction, or causing all sorts of other problems.

Be smart. Repair wisely. And don’t waste.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at support (at) ifixyouri (dot) com or call us at one of our locations.

Mail-in/Corporate Headquarters – 561-881-0095

Orlando – 407-704-5555

Boston – 857-209-4349

Trying to avoid the spammers at all costs 🙂

Keep your chin up. A cracked iPhone is not that big of a deal. It’ll just set you back a couple Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee’s.