Cracked iPhone 4 Screen: is it a DIY Fix?

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Cracked iPhone 4 ScreenIt goes without saying that you should take great care of your iPhone, but unfortunately accidents are common and can result in a cracked iPhone 4 screen. You can often still use an iPhone that has a cracked screen but it is not easy or pleasant. Thankfully, a cracked iPhone 4 screen can be easily replaced, thus saving you the money you would have had to spend buying a new iPhone.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

While is possible for you to replace your cracked iPhone 4 screen without professional help, it is not recommended as a solution. While you can find free instructions online on how to do it yourself, and the tools and parts from iFixYouri, you might end up doing more damage than good once you start tinkering with the mechanics and electronics.

Replacing a Cracked iPhone 4 Screen isn’t Easy

The front panel and LCD are fused together so you will have to buy both of these parts, along with thin metal blades, a plastic case opening tool, tweezers and various specialized screwdrivers. These materials and tools will cost you well over $100, making the cost of repairing your own iPhone more expensive than having professionals like iFixYouri repair your cracked iPhone 4 screen.

Professional Help for a Cracked iPhone 4 Screen

An experienced iPhone repair shop can replace your screen quickly and easily. One of the main reasons you’d opt for experts to fix your iPhone is because you can rest assured that the job will be done right and your data will not be lost due to a repair mistake. Since iPhones are sensitive and costly devices, let a professional technician handle the specialized repair.

You do not want to trust just any shop to repair your iPhone, as the job has to be done properly without mistakes.  Although you may have a local electronics repair shop that says they’ll fix iPhones, the technicians may not have the resources or knowledge to properly repair the device.  With iFixYouri, you can simply send your cracked iPhone 4 screen to the mail in center, and your item can be fixed professionally, quickly and inexpensively.