Broken iPhones at Sunfest

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2013)

As I walked into Sunfest in West Palm Beach, I decided to look for everyone that had iPhones.

Wow!!! For every 10 people I saw, 2-3 had iPhones. Not even just that but at least 1 had a cracked screen. It makes me wonder why people don’t get them fixed, either by iFixYouri or another company? The only thing I can think of is that they just don’t know that they can be fixed. I stood in line to get a sausage, which was awesome, and I started speaking to a girl behind me. She had an iPhone 3gs and sure enough the screen was cracked. I told her that we could fix that in twenty minutes or less. She had no idea. She just thought instead of spending $400 on a new one, she would just wait for the new 4g to come out. She was so happy that she actually gave me a hug and bought me my sausage and peppers. Thanks, Tiffany!

She will be coming in on Monday to her iPhone screen repair.  So, in closing, if you have a cracked iPhone screen, you can get it repaired. If you know someone that has any problem what so ever with their iPhone, let them know, iFixYouri can help them. Enjoy the last day of Sunfest iWorld.