Are iFixYouri Reviews Too Good to Be True?

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(Last Updated On: March 12, 2021)

For the past 10 years, iFixYouri has provided top-quality device repair services to people locally and nationally. In return, we have had many satisfied customers leave a review expressing their gratitude and sharing their experience with us! Are iFixYouri reviews too good to be true?

Chris H.


I recently sent my Surface Pro in to get a new battery on it. I’m very happy with the service I received. Before sending it in, the battery would drain really fast. When I got it back, it started to last all day again. Thank you for the quick turnaround and repair.

Surface Pro Battery Replacement in Detail:

With Battery Replacement for Microsoft Surface Pro 7, iFixYouri is here to help. With this service, our repair technicians inspect the problem, as well as any other affected components, repair your device, and send it back to you asap. If any other issues are affecting your device, we’ll let you know and proceed with those repairs only after your approval.  Outgoing tests are performed to ensure that your Surface Pro is 100% functional.

Kim M.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 


My new favorite place for phone and computer issues!  I took my laptop in with overheating and other issues and Louis did a great job diagnosing and repairing the problem. While there I also had him replace a cracked screensaver for my iPhone–$20 well spent, and cheaper than my last one from the phone store.  Very professional and helpful–glad I went there.

iPhone SE 2 (2020) Glass and LCD Repair in Detail:

With Glass & LCD Repair for iPhone SE 2 (2020), iFixYouri is here to help! We recommend not trying Glass & LCD Repair yourself. Devices have become more and more sophisticated and you may cause more damage. Using the supplied shipping label, send your iPhone SE 2 (2020) to iFixYouri’s mail-in center so our skilled repair technicians can inspect your device, pinpoint all/any issues affecting it, and get them repaired the professional way.

Jeanna C.

Jupiter, FL


I couldn’t get my MacBook Pro to charge and/or turn on [and] was told to take the back off and remove the battery, and replace it, but I couldn’t get the screws off of the back. I took it in for help and they took the time to unscrew the back and remove and replace the battery. Wa-la!  He replaced the back and all is good. Thank you for helping a girl out!

MacBook Pro A1707 Battery Replacement in Detail:

Since your device is of little use when broken, it’s a good idea to bring it to iFixYouri for expert Battery Replacement. iFixYouri is here to solve your problem with Battery Replacement for MacBook Pro. With this service, we’ll determine the cause of the problem, get your MacBook Pro repaired, and send it back to you. We’ll let you know if any other issues are affecting your device and give you the option of proceeding with those repairs.

Robert A.

West Palm Beach, FL 


Got here at 9 when opened. In and out in 5 min. Went to Starbucks and worked then came back after an hour and my iPhone 7 screen is replaced – now on my way. Corporate-owned assured me of their best-in-class service. Fixed my surface screen last year here too. Asked about their coupon!

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement in Detail:

While improved in many ways, the iPhone 7 is just as susceptible to screen damage as its predecessors. A drop onto a hard surface can crack the glass, damage the LCD, or make it impossible to unlock and use your phone properly. We combine our technicians’ know-how with high-quality replacement parts and a one-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Fast turnaround (usually within 24 hours) means that phone fumble won’t keep you from staying in touch with your friends.

Our iPhone glass and LCD repair also replace the digitizer, the component that controls your touch response. If your iPhone 7 has display problems as well as a loss of the ability to control it via touch, glass and LCD repair service will be your solution.

If you need service for a broken device and want great service like Chris, Kim, Jenna, and Robert, get in touch with iFixYouri today!

We are located all over Florida, and we provide reliable shipping services to people throughout the country as well. 

Are iFixYouri Reviews Too Good to Be True? By iFixYouri. 

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