A Short But Complete Guide to Android 4.0

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(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

In anticipation of the debut of the Android 4.2 update, let’s examine what has made the Android 4.0 such a big deal.  Also known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the Android 4.0 operating system from Google comes with a host of new features and improvements that makes it a big landmark for Android-based phones.



The New Android Home Screen

The new home screen comes with a custom font called Roboto. Along with this font, you will find the following in the new home screen:

  • The status/notification bar is found at the top of the screen. Its left side shows notifications whereas on the right it displays the battery and time. The notifications can be accessed by swiping the notification icon downwards. You can customize the types of notifications you are shown there.
  • The Google Search Bar is found at the top of the home screen.
  • The Favorites Tray can be used as a docking station for folders and apps.
  • There are three navigation buttons at the bottom — back button, home button and recent apps button. The old menu button has been discarded.

Apps in Android 4.0

Installing apps on ICS works the same way as it did in the previous version — you can install them from any source by touching and pressing the download button to install it on your phone.

To access the apps installed on your phone, you should press the Apps button on the bottom right of your home screen to get into the All Apps area. To uninstall an app, drag and drop its icon onto the Uninstall icon. If you like an app, you can send its shortcut to your home screen or your Favorites tray that we have already mentioned. Widgets in ICS can be accessed by touching the Widgets tab on the app drawer; overall they work similar to how they did in the previous version of the OS.

Other Highlights of Android 4.0


You can reach your settings by touching the notification panel and touching on the settings icon. Some new settings are: Data Usage, Battery and Apps sections. Other settings includes Accounts and Sync that show you the different accounts, such as email and other service accounts, connected to your phone.

Search and Voice Control

You can now Google search using your voice. It’s like Siri, but not quite…

File Management

Even though the new Android OS allows you to browse your phone’s memory like it’s a computer, you can improve your downloaded file management by installing a file management app.

If you’re not keen on upgrading to a new operating system until the bugs are worked out, then you’ll likely want to continue using your current phone.  If you are experiencing any issues like a cracked screen or malfunctioning parts, let us repair your Android phone at iFixYouri — and save yourself the hassle of transferring all your data and setting preferences on a new phone.