A Screen Protector Takes the Beating of Everyday Life

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

With vigilant torture testing, we have learned that not every phone is prepared to stand up against the everyday trials of life. Even though the Nokia Lumia 900 is able to literally take a hammering, still a Gorilla Glass-donning phone can be prone to unpleasant hairline scratches.

Every screen protector, along with the screen beneath it, is susceptible to damage.  Fortunately, every type of screen can be fixed by a professional repair company.  Regardless of the device, model or damage issue, iFixYouri has seen and fixed it all.

Many people feel that these scratches are not a problem, but if you desire to sell or trade the phone in the future, it is a good idea to keep it in top-notch shape in order to get a good deal.  In addition, the phone may not function properly when the touchscreen is affected.

Selecting the Right Screen Protector for You

There are basically three kinds of screen protectors; all hold their own benefits and quirks. Selecting the right protector depends entirely on needs against how much you are willing to forfeit.

A clear screen protector is the most realistic and customary option. Its only purpose is to take the beating of everyday life. When looking for a screen protector, you will notice that some include multiple protectors, while others have just one.

When purchasing a pack containing two or three protectors, you will get thin protectors that are barely noticeable. They guard your phone against scratches like other protectors do, but wear and get scuffed over time and need to be replaced.

A solo screen protector is usually thicker. Their durable build stands up to scratches for extended periods of time. Some can even be removed and re-applied, is necessary.

A matte screen protector provides glare reduction and also protects the phone from scratches. They come in packs of one or three just like the clear ones. It just depends on the build.

Privacy Screens

Screen protectors that offer privacy are frequently only applied to computers. A privacy screen protector limits the viewing angle of the device; it ensures that only you can see the active screen. They also protect the screen from scratches, but the same as the matte screen, distortion is obvious.

A privacy screen makes a display appear hazy and video sharing is difficult. You cannot gather friends around the phone to watch a funny YouTube video because you will be the only one that can see the video.